The Future group is the management company for Future Fit Performance, Future You, Future Gym and Future Education. The group was formed in 2017 when we brought all the businesses together. We were first established back in 2013 and have been developing and expanding ever since. The Future Group’s clear directive is to develop individuals, groups and communities to create fitter, healthier, higher educated people. All of our companies have a more direct focus to find out about what they do please see below and follow the individual links for more information.

At Future Fit have a clear goal which we divide into two.

To have a positive impact, through education and mentoring, on the health and wellbeing of everyone we come into contact with.

To help businesses become more profitable and efficient, through the upgrading of services offered to employees in relation to their health and wellbeing. Through this also improving the businesses image as a great place to work, with great benefits and where their employees are a priority.


We offer a range of delivery options including;


Health and Fitness, Nutrition, Massage, Body Mot’s and Health Checks, Mental health and Stress Management (delivery and training), Team Building, Financial advice.


We can deliver all of our services through a range of methods including workshops, drop in sessions, information stations, on and offsite events, the list is endless.


To find out how Future Fit Performance can help your business please head over to the Future Fit Performance page using the link below.



Future You is all about helping individuals wanting to create a better version of themselves. We look at all aspects that contribute towards this including fitness, nutrition, mental health, finance and injury / treatments. We sign individuals up to a small monthly subscription for their own membership area in which they can access discounts at all our health and wellbeing partners including active wear, supplements, clothing, fitness classes, active days out, spa days and much more. 


They also have access to a stat zone in which they can monitor their stats, a contact centre where they can speak to professionals from fitness, nutrition mental health, finance and injury / treatments. The final part is a rewards section in which they can claim half price cinema tickets and a lot more. 


To find out more please head over to our Future You page using the link below. 


Created for gyms to help them provide the best service possible to their members, which in turn creates not only additional revenue for the gym but also greatly increases retention figures. We offer platforms that include member discounts, professional contact centres, group planning and events, stat zones and rewards. We work with gyms to ensure their members aren’t just coming through the door but they’re really getting the results they want. There are many barriers still within the gym and we ensure to remove these and really give members what they came for. 


For more information and to book an appointment with one our Future Gym consultants please head over to our Future Gym page using the link below.

Throughout our time in the health and wellbeing industry working with health and fitness professionals we were sad to see a deterioration in the quality of exercise professionals that were becoming newly qualified. With the additions of distance learning and recored assessments etc. we believe the standard has slipped to low. This is why we made the decision to open up Future Education. Now, we don’t only pride ourselves on providing the highest standard of health and wellbeing delivery but also creating the highest caliber of health and wellbeing professionals.


Courses we offer include (but aren’t limited to) fitness instructor, personal trainer, massage, exercise to music, various levels of first aid and much more. Courses are not only available to individuals but to companies / businesses / organisations that may want to train their staff up in a particular area. You will also see our courses for training mental health etc.


If you are an individual or form a company please take a look at our Future Education page for more information using the link below.

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